Finding Happiness one smile at a time! Support Happiness! A picnic with friends!
Meet the Characters

The Happi Trio
Happiness Chan begins her adventures all alone, but she quickly makes two fast friends - Eclair the dog, and Mr Angst! Together, the Happi Trio set off to discover what "Happiness" means, one smile at a time!
Happiness makes many friends as she travels. If there is someone in need, Happiness Chan will be a friend indeed.
Button Town
The citizens of Button Town are friendly and always ready to lend a hand.
The Chans
You may have noticed hints in the stories that Happiness has sisters... After meeting Timidness, Happi is shocked to learn there are more plushies like her!

They are called the "Chans", and they all have their own tags. Just who are they, and what are they like? Now, for the first time, see who they are!

These characters were planned for stories after Happiness Chan arrives in Rockfoot City.
Happiness Chan
Happiness Chan image
Smiles, Helping others
When others cry
This little girl called "Happiness"
will go the extra mile
to try and help a friend in need,
and turn a frown into a smile!
A little lost plush girl. Named after the only word that appears on her toy tag, she goes in search of the true meaning of her name, hoping that it will reveal more about her origins.