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Behind the Scenes
  • Early Happiness Chan Art
    Early sketches of Happi. Can you spot what's different?
  • Early Happiness Chan Art 2
    More early sketches. She may look a bit different but you can tell it's still the same silly girl.
  • Early Happiness Chan Art 3
    Experimenting with Happi in more normal clothes...
  • Early Happiness Chan Video
    Happiness Chan began as a short Flash film that was made as a hobby. Eclair and Angst are in it too, as is a mysterious robot. Together, they try and learn to dance.
    Watch the video
  • Evolution of Happi
    Happi's design slowly evolves into the way we see her today. The biggest change were the buttons and pockets to make her look like she's in a little dress.
  • Happi Hairstyles
    While the original designs for Happi were cute enough, we did try some other hairstyles, just for fun...
  • Early Designs for Eclair and Angst
    Original designs fro Eclair and Angst.
  • Eclair Dancing
    Eclair doing a bit of dancing practice for Episode 22. If it were made he might have some other moves to show too.
  • The Ultrabot
    Design for Ultrabot, who only appeared in the animated short. So far.
  • Getting all tied up
    Happi and Angst trying to untangle the mess.
  • Friends of Happiness
    The gang's all here! You can see a new character with them - the flower girl Rosey Posey!
  • Early Sketch of Timidness Chan
    Now you all know what Timidness Chan looks like without her helmet!
  • The first Happiness Chan website
    Some screenshots from the first Happiness Chan website, way back from 2005!
  • She's a real plush toy!
    A small number of plush toys were made of the Happi, Eclair, Angst, rain and Peekaboo.
  • Designing the Plushie
    A look behind the scenes at designing the plush.
  • Happiness toy prototypes
    The very first Happi plush ever made! These prototypes were done to get an idea of how she will look like, before starting mass production.
  • At the toy store
    Happi plush were available in stores for a short while. Some stores had nice displays like this.
  • Xmas and New Year Special Editions
    A tiny number of plush were dressed up specially for Christmas and Chinese New Year, and were given away as lucky draw items. Do any of you have these?
  • Storybook llustrations
    Illustrations made for a storybook we wanted to do.
  • The map to Rockfoot City
    At the end of Episode 21, Captain Snap gives Happi a map! This is what it looks like. The path would hav taken Happi through the forests, into Rockfoot City and up the mountain. And maybe even to outer space...
  • Rosey Posey
    Rosey Posey is the Princess of the Petali Kingdom, and Episodes 22-24 would have been her story. Here are some of the characters from Petali, including the Queen Rose, and Rosey's nanny.
  • Rosey's Story
    The Petali Kingdom has cactus looking soldiers, who ride around in giant flower-horses. Somewhere in the story, Eclair gets to wear a knight's armour!
  • Forest Friends
    Happiness would have made more friends when she visits the forest around Seashell Bay. From left - Pampam and Popo the fruit siblings, Baby Jo, who has wandered away from his mother, and Bruno the bear who thinks he's a duck.
  • Frostbite
    At the top of the mountain, Happi would meet Frostbite, the vampire penguin!
  • Space and Beyond!
    If Happi made it to space, she would have had a grand adventure among the stars with her new friends Starriness Chan, U.F.Ro, Ultrabot (He's baaack!) and a baby alien. And she would have returned to Earth with an ability that she did not have before... but that is a story yet to be told!