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About Happiness Chan

What is Happiness Chan?

Happiness Chan is the story of a little lost plush girl. She has a tag with the word "Happiness", and travels the world to find out who she is and what that word means.

Follow Happi on her adventures through a series of 21 interactive stories in our Episodes section!

About this website

Happiness Chan Online was originally launched in 2005 to tell Happi's story to the world. The episodes you see on this site were released between 2005 - 2007.

After episode 21, it unfortunately became difficult to continue creating new stories, so Happi's journey stops at Seashell Bay... for now. To have a sneak peek at some of the things that might have happened from episode 22 onwards, visit the Behind-The-Scenes page!

If you are a licensor and are interested in helping Happi continue her stories in film, television or a similar medium, please send us some Happi Mail!

About the Creator

Happiness Chan and all her friends were created by the owner of Pumpkin Twins - Darren Chia. An interactive designer by day, he created the animated adventures that you find on this site. He also lends his voice to Mr Angst.